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"If you never fail, you never learn. Success is a mixture of failure and persistence." The road is rocky, but if you can keep moving forward you will continue to make progress."

– Sam Panda


Samuel Panda is the Founder & Digital Director of Huey Hutch. Huey Hutch is a leading design and technology agency based in London. Clients range across different sectors, from the healthcare, retail to the charity sector. Client list includes NHS, Adidas, Reebok and Foodstuff NZ.

Sam Panda has come a long way from graduating in 2006 with a BA Honours in Visual Communication with a dream of one day running his own digital agency. In 2010 he took the leap from a full-time gig into the world of freelance and contracting. Building up a steady clientele, and a strong team, he decided it was the right time in 2012 to become a limited company and take it to another level, and Huey Hutch Limited was born.

Over the years Sam has been involved in all aspects of the creative industry, from branding through to software development, his skills, knowledge and experience has lead him into some interesting ventures.

In 2019 he joined Virgin’s StartUp program to aid in the launch of his latest application Nutripal.  Nutripal is a platform that helps people create meal plans or select from our variety of existing plans. Offering a more affordable alternative to premium meal-kit services, by auto-populating their online basket with ingredients and delivering the ingredients direct to their door from their local supermarket.

Sam’s innovative thinking and problem solving will see him continue to grow within the tech industry, and he is always on the look out for for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people to improve our lives and living conditions one step at a time.