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Research & Analysis

At Huey Hutch, we look at the DNA of your business. We take time to research and understand the needs, motivations and behaviours of your target audience. We think it's important to design and build products that are rooted in an understanding of the people who are going to be using them.

What we do

– Measurement & Implementation Planning

– Data Visualisation

– Customer Insight

– Accessibility and Cross-Browser Testing

– User Experience (UX) Evaluations

– User Surveys, Workshops and Interviews

Combining user insight with statistical analysis

With so much data available digitally, additional value can be gained by combining in-depth user research with expert data analysis. This approach identifies where and how tasks are performed with finding out the ‘why’, context that is only achievable through engaging users.

We want our clients to succeed, improve customer relationships, and increase brand awareness. Your customers are everywhere. Our strategy-led approach enables you to find them, convert them and keep them.

Practical personas that put your customers in the room

Using the insight gained from research we strive to create practical personas that give your user types tangible behaviours and actions, not their music or newspaper preferences. Personas act as a constant point of reference in all projects, placing them in the room while decisions over website designs or marketing strategies are considered.

If you want to see the dramatic effect user research and analysis can have on your next website project or marketing campaign, speak to Huey Hutch today.

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