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User Experience &
Interface Design

The power of the consumer is still growing. Access to information, goods, services and opportunities online means it is harder to secure and convert an audience. Effective user experience design ensures you capitalise on the traffic and users that land on your site.

What we do

– Initial Research

– Heuristic Evaluation

– Wireframing

– Interface Design

– Results & Feedback

Research & Analysis

Consumers now spend more time than ever before researching before they commit to a purchase. Our UX consultants do exactly the same. User experience research is crucial to successfully understanding your audience. We investigate and profile prospective customer behaviour. This enables us to successfully target users across your market.

Heuristic Evalution

Heuristic evaluation, conducted by UI UX strategists and experts, identifies usability and functionality issues. This stage makes sure that users’ expectations are being met when they land on a page. It ensures that the design, language, navigation and structure of the site are not only suitable but appealing to your target audience. User experience testing ensure you adhere to usability, comprehensibility and accessibility best practices.


Our UI UX consultants are based in London and New Zealand. However, we work closely with clients across the globe to understand the message they are promoting about their brand. We combine this information with our analysis and produce wireframes that act as a blueprint for the website. It will prioritise information and functions that are important for CRO, to turn your traffic into revenue.

User Interface Design

Once you have approved the wireframes, we map UX UI designs from the blueprints across all browsers. UX strategists work alongside designers and developers to create something that is meaningful, valuable and transferable. This is also an important stage for integrative marketing efforts, ensuring your search experience optimisation is working at its peak.

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