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Why Sony is a generational survivor

Sony has been a household name in electronics for many decades because the company’s top generator of income isn’t their retail tech. Sony’s business division is huge, with its image and sensing solutions bringing in almost three times the operating income of the consumer electronics division. ‘Image and sensing’ refers to a host of solutions, including selling smartphone camera sensors to other manufacturers including Apple, Google and Huawei.

In terms of retail consumer electronics, Sony has still managed to churn out hits. Take Sony’s headphones that managed to stand the test of time and survived the shift to wireless technology and still remains at the top of the class with the WH-1000XM4s. A more obvious example would be the PS5. Who doesn’t want a PS5 today?

Sony’s hits have outweighed their misses. Clearly, Sony’s eggs have never been in one basket and this is why despite comparatively modest shipment numbers, Sony’s higher priced, quality-assured consumer business is doing exactly what it needs to.

What are your thoughts on Sony being a generational survivor?

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Samuel Panda