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The CDC & WarnerMedia’s pro-mask ad campaign

I came across this creative ad today which was a collaboration between the CDC, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and Warner Media. It featured fan-favourite characters like Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, the Joker, and Neo in their iconic scenes wearing digitally fitted masks, in the efforts to promote mask wearing and the spread of COVID-19.

The ad will run across the US in donated media time, and it’s free for broadcast and digital news outlets to use. WarnerMedia, of course, will run the commercial on its own channels and platforms, including #HBO and Turner TV channels.

I appreciate how WarnerMedia is using their digital influence to help us stop the spread and help us “get back to doing our favourite things” as the ad reads.

What are your thoughts on this ad and its effectiveness in conveying the message?

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Samuel Panda

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