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The Future of Desktop

The future of desktop. It’s a topic that has been debated over and over in recent years, and with the quick rise of the smartphone and tablet it isn’t difficult to see why. So, should we worry about the future of desktop?

Since computers have been a staple in most homes and workplaces the desktop has been a key component, but with smartphones and tablets becoming ever popular year after year, we can ask – is the future of desktop at risk?

The Rise of the Smartphone

The rise of the smartphone is something that has only really been apparent in recent years. Though the mobile phone itself has been gaining popularity since the early 2000s, only in the last few years has the smartphone made an impressive mark on the market, and this can also be said for tablets. In fact, the rise of the smartphone and tablet is so significant that it is affecting the use of desktop computers.

Smartphones and tablets tick a lot of boxes that a desktop device cannot; they are easy to carry around, they can be used from any location and they can be used on the go which is hugely appealing to a lot of people. But, it is having a negative effect on the number of desktops that are in use. After all, why invest money in a desktop when a similar amount can be spent on a device that is portable?

Desktop vs. Portable

Though there are a number of benefits to using portable devices one benefit of a desktop is it provides a standard, static work area. Many people, though understanding of how useful it can be to work from anywhere, find that remote working is not as productive as working on a desktop. This is often linked to there being a lack of routine when it comes to working remotely, whether that be from home or from a public area. So, though the future of the desktop is in question it is easy to see that this may affect the productivity of some people.

Enter any electronic store and it is easy to see that the majority of their stock is portable; tablets, laptops and smartphones. In fact, in some places you may be hard pressed to find the wide variety of desktops that would have been on offer a few years ago. There is definitely a larger focus on portable devices.

Overall, it is possible to say the future of desktop is definitely changing and evolving. As smartphones and tablets continue to gain popularity and develop into the multi-use devices we know and love, many people turn away from desktop computers for something newer.

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